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Hernando County (FL) Fire Corps Earns National 2011 Award of Excellence

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Hernando County Fire Corps
Supporting Fire Law Enforcement and EMS Services through Community Involvement
  60 Veterans Avenue     Brooksville, Florida 34601
 (352) 540-6405

Hernando County Fire Corps responds to a cardiac arrest at the Brooksville Raid January 21. Victim was unconscious and not breathing. CPR was being performed by Brooksville Raid Staff. Fire Corps set up the AED shocked twice did CPR and Bag Value Mask. Victim responded to the second shock and started breathing on his own. Rescue 4 and Engine 12 responded to begin ALS. Victim was in the hospital and talking when he arrived. Great teamwork and a definite example of how effective Fire Corps training can be.

Hernando County Fire Corps 2017-2018 Officers: 

Commander---------------------------------Denis Riley  twc3522326329@earthlink.net

DeputyCommander for Adminstration---Mary Anne Lazzell  hcfcheyou@yahoo.com

Deputy Commander for Operations-------Sharon Meade smeade@tampabay.rr.com 

Logistics Officer--------------------------- -Richard Ehrhart richardehrhart@yahoo.com

Public Relations Officers-------------------Roger Braun rogrbraun636@gmail.com

Training Officer (acting)-------------------Denis Riley twc3522326329@earthlink.com

Secretary -----------------------------------Carolyn Riley carolynnriley@earthlink.com

Treasurer ---------------------------------- Betty Roberts broberts62@tampabay.rr.com

Financial Secretary ------------------------Sal Rotella srotella863@gmail.com



Hernando County (FL) Fire Corps Wins 2011 Award of Excellence

Fire Corps is pleased to announce that the Hernando County (FL) Fire Corps is the recipient of the 2011 Fire Corps Award of Excellence. An honorable mention was also given to the Teen Advocates for Community Safety (TACS) from the Cedar Park (TX) Fire Department. Sponsored by the International Fire Service Training Association (IFSTA) and Fire Protection Publications, the Award of Excellence is presented each year to a Fire Corps program whose notable achievements in the fire and emergency services and the community demonstrate exceptional performance.

Representatives from Hernando County Fire Corps attended the annual Fire Corps National Advisory Committee (NAC) meeting in November to accept the award and be recognized for their program’s success. The program received a personalized award, and each member received certificates and t-shirts to honor them for their contribution to the program. Hernando County representatives also had the opportunity to meet with Fire Corps NAC members, which consist of representatives from nearly every major national fire service organization.

REMINDER... Check the calendar. There are several upcoming events we will be involved with in the future. If you have any friends interested in volunteering for Fire Corps, the link for the application appears in the link column and at the bottom of the website.


Fire Corps is one of five partner programs under Citizen Corps, the Federal Emergency Management Agency's grassroots strategy to bring together government and community leaders to involve citizens in all-hazards emergency preparedness and resilience. Citizen Corps partner programs share the common goal of helping communities prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies of all kinds.


Community members can make a difference for their local fire and EMS department. Fire Corps helps departments build more capacity by connecting them to community volunteers who can assist in a variety of non-emergency roles.

 Fire Corps provides fire education at Brooksville Lowes Saturday, September 26th. Hernando County Fire Corps in cooperation with Spring Hill Fire Rescue's smoke house, provides life safety education instruction in how to handle smoke in a house and exit strategies. See the article in Hernando Today


Chief Defrancesco, At approx 1830 on 9/13/2010, Spring Hill Fire Rescue responded to a commercial structure fire on Spring Hill Drive just west of mariner. Upon responding out of my station, it was obvious we had a working fire, due to the fact that I could see an enormous column of smoke from Mariner and Northcliffe Blvd. Upon arrival on scene, we had numerous issues to contend with. Not only did we have the mattress store fully involved, but we had both exposures to the east and west, beginning to catch fire. We also had to deal with two semi trailers in front of the store which had also caught on fire. Needless to say, having all of this going on at one time, could certainly strain the limits of any local agency and definitely test the endurance of it's employees. Shortly into the fire, I requested the fire corp respond to assist with rehab. I can tell you that without a doubt, we could not have done this if it were not for their caring, concern and extreme professionalism. Not only did they assist with rehab, they were rehab! They not only looked after all of my personal, they also assisted in helping to shuttle air bottles to be filled, and checked with me intermittently, without interfering, to see if they could assist in any other way. I can honestly say that they were an integral part of why we successfully mitigated this incident and kept everyone safe. Please extend my sincere thanks to all that helped that night. Sincerely, District Chief Kevin Carroll


Hernando County Fire Corps is need of members to do all aspects of volunteer work. People who just want to volunteer their time to do secretarial work, do not have to take the 40 hour First Responder course. Those wishing to volunteer for rehab and first aid work at county events need to be First Responders. There is no cost for this training. Please use the contact tab to provide us with your information or call (352) 540-6405 and we will be in touch. You can also go to this link, www.hcfirecorps.org and mail the completed form to Hernando County Fire Corps 60 Veterans Avenue, Brooksville Florida 34601. This is the volunteer application that needs to submitted to allow a background check to be done. Previous felony convictions will disqualify your particpation according to new changes instituted by the County. Our meetings take place the 3rd Monday of each month at Fire Headquarters at 6:30 PM , 60 Veterans Ave in Brooksville. All are invited and bring a friend.



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